The Collage for a Cause workshop to benefit Starfish Cafe resulted in the creation of 16 pieces of really terrific art. On December 20, 2012, Gallery 220 hosted An Evening of Excellence, an event to showcase the art and give purchasers their final chance to bid on the pieces. The event raised $2700  for the Starfish Cafe, after all expenses.

We owe a big debt of gratitude to the artists who agreed to give a day of their life to create a collage, to the persons who made their participation possible by making pledges, and to the purchasers of the art. Also, a sincere "thank you" to Joy Mehrtens and R. J. Pierce for the lovely live performance of Christmas and classical tunes; to Di Fillhart and her talented son Zach for the fantastic food; the Sea Coast Echo and the Fourth Ward Cleaver for their willingness to advertise the event for us and to Jenise McCardell and Mark Currier, owners of Gallery 220 and Clay Creations. Their continuing support of programs that benefit the community sets a shining example for all of us. 

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