Collage for a Cause is a concept that marries the need of various groups and organizations for fresh fund raising ideas with collage workshops that are easy, enjoyable and fulfilling on several levels. Organizations hire a collage artist (with a reduced rate for non-profits) and recruit people to participate. Participants who take the workshop will be provided with a collage kit that consists of a pattern, a schematic and a large selection of papers. Under the guidance of a collage artist, the pattern pieces are used to trace and cut out shapes from a wide selection of decorative papers. These papers are then adhered to a wood panel on which a drawing has been inscribed. There is no need for participants to worry about not being able to draw a stick figure or a straight line; these kits are designed specifically with non-artists in mind. When the collages are completed they are made available for sale, with the profits going to the organization. There are several options available to participants: in addition to actually taking a workshop, interested persons are instead able to have a collage created in their name, or they can make a donation to enable someone else to take the workshop. For more information please call 228.671.6146 or email lorikgordon@gmail.com.