Join us in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi on Saturday, December 1 or Thursday, December 13 for a workshop to benefit Starfish Cafe. The cafe is a hands-on 16 week restaurant training program for young people who need to develop skills for a productive life. Starfish Cafe is slated to open in December of this year, in an historic house located at 211 Main Street in Old Town Bay St. Louis.  We will be creating collages of shotgun houses for this fund raising event. After the workshops on the 1st and 13th, we will collect the collages, add a varnish and get them ready to hang. We will  set up an exhibit of the work at Gallery 220, post them on Facebook and set up a silent auction. The highest bidder will be awarded your collage. Persons who have pledged to you will have the opportunity of applying the amount of that pledge towards the purchase of your piece. We are also making available an option for those of you who want to participate but because of scheduling conflicts or because you do not live in the area, are not able to attend the workshop. 
With "participation by proxy" a collage will be created for you. If you are not able to contribute the entire minimum amount, no problem: the collage to which you contribute will include your name along with the names of any others who also contribute, and your piece will be available for sale with the proceeds donated to Starfish Cafe in your name. 

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with this combination of good works, creativity and relaxation? I have been teaching workshops in collage for several years, and I guarantee you a satisfying experience in a non-threatening atmosphere. Remember, this kit has been created with non-artists in mind. Please join us in the spirit of giving this holiday season, and rest easy knowing you have contributed to a cause that benefits your community.

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di said...

Thank you Lori, we are so blessed by your generosity and this is going to be FUN!!